Monday, February 04, 2008

Tango not Difficult but Not Easy

Argentine Tango is not a difficult dance to learn but it is not easy. It is not easy because what you see people doing is oftentimes an illusion. One can not expect to pick up Tango in one lesson much less by just going out dancing.

Tango requires effort and patience and the willingness to learn. But, the rewards are awesome. A connection with another human being that some describe as nirvana, some women describe as walking meditation and still others as better and more satisfying than sex and much safer too plus there are no messy emotional entanglements.

I like to say that Tango is dance of communication and connection and that Tango is sensuous, passionate, and elegant. A student recently said that Tango was like a fine dessert with a deliciously elegant flavor.

Tango is dance that can be enjoyed by young people and retirees alike. Even individuals with back or knee problems will find pleasure in the simplicity of Tango.

You do not need a partner to learn Tango. It can be easier to learn on your own than with your boyfriend or spouse! You will learn at different rates. Relationship issues will surface and the friction will make learning Tango more challenging.

On the other hand, Tango can be an endeavor that you can enjoy together and still interact with others. In the process of learning Tango, your relationship, communication and understanding of one another will improve.

One woman said to me that whenever she was considering a relationship with a man, she would first take a Tango class with him as a way of discovering more about what he was truly like. “This is one smart woman,” I said to myself.

If you’ve played any kind of sport, most likely you already understand many of the basic movements and techniques of Tango. And even if you haven’t played any sport and haven’t done anything more physically strenuous than walking, you can still learn to Tango.

Through this column, I hope to share a bit about my experiences learning Tango, share some of my interesting Tango “encounters” with other dancers, as well as bring to your attention specifics of the dance that apply to anyone trying to learn Tango in a simple, straight forward and interesting manner.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, reactions as well as your questions. See you on dance floor!

Printed in La Sonrisa Latina, San Diego, CA.


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