Saturday, August 14, 2004

Musings and Observations

Tango is intensely personal and private . But it is done in public and as such we interact with others while dancing our personal dance. As such and because we keep seeing each other, we become a community. A community that is always in a state of flux, with newcomers, old timers (not speaking about age here) and some wacky characters. I include myself here. I think that we are a bit wacky to be dancing Tango and to focus so much effort, time and resources to this elusive, sensual, mysterious, addictive dance that gets under your skin and melts into your very essence and soul.

In this journal, I would like to discuss some of what I've learned about Tango. No, I am not talking about steps or figures or specifics. Rather, I would like the discuss the element we often don't talk about. Concepts and ideas that we think about and maybe once in a while verbalize to one another. As a former newspaper columnist, I have a bit of training in how to keep myself from libeling or slandering some one which I hope not to do. But I do want to speak frankly and honestly about the issues in our minds and the challenges that the San Diego Argentine Tango community faces.

For example, what happened to Tangueros that were an integral part of the Tango scene when I arrived in San Diego such as Alicia aka Alice, the co-host of the monthly milonga at Little Russia? I for one miss her and the other Tangueros who enriched our Tango experience. Here is another example, of what I will ponder with you: what is the beginners experience like in San Diego?

These are just a couple of the issues I will muse about in this journal. As in my newspaper column, your comments and reactions are welcome. I do not promise to agree with you but I will respond to your input.

See you on the dance floor,