Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Selecting a Private Argentine Tango Dance Instructor

It can be difficult to select a good Tango dance instructor. Here are somethings to look out for:

* Make sure you discuss that you want to learn Argentine Tango. Some instructors teach ballroom Tango also known as American Tango or International Tango. These are totally different and one would never dream of going to Argentina to dance the latter. Ballroom Tango is for ballroom dance parties only whereas Argentine Tango are more Milongas or a place where Argentine Tango is dance.

* If your instructor is not an excellent dancer, then stay away. You want to learn from the best dancers. Not a dancer who is just learning or who does not make it look easy and fun. There are plenty of people who have no business teaching because they either do not dance well or do not teach well. You want both a good dancer and a good teacher.

* Your instructor should be well versed in all three major Argentine Tango styles: salon, apilado (aka: milongero) and tango nuevo. If they only dance one style, find yourself a different instructor. Why let them decide how you should dance before you figure out which one you like best?

* Learn from different instructors. Do not limit yourself to only learning from one person. Try an instructor out before you make a financial commitment. You might find out that you do not like the personality or the style of the instructor.

* Pick instructors who teach in couples. They are better able to meet your needs. I man might be able to lead you but only a woman will help you become an excellent follower and vice versa.

* Take group classes as well as private classes. Group classes give you the opportunity to meet others which helps in asking or getting asked to dance at a Milonga.

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